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Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi is a popular traditional Yoghurt-based drink that originated in the Indian subcontinent

Lamb Tikka

Lamb tikka is a very popular starter in Indian restaurants. It is cooked in a traditional tandoor...

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken (Signature Dish) Rich and creamy blend of tomatoes, butter, curry and spices with a mild meat. ...

~ About~

One of the many trends that have caught up with Indian kitchens over the years is live cooking. Live cooking is a culinary art form which involves the chef, who prepares the dish in the open and serves it at the table. Several cuisines are now prepared live in many restaurants in India. And now we are showcasing our live serving abilities to Berlin..

While the Indian guests welcomed this new culinary art form as easily as they succumbed to the onset of global cuisine, fine-dining and several other trends in hospitality, what is truly commendable is how well the Indian chefs have taken it in their stride. Having been, for years, confined to their kitchens with the freedom to function, organize and behave as they would in their own skin, it could not have been easy for them to be pushed out to do what was never expected of them interact directly with , and function in front of, the consumer.

Live cooking makes the whole dining experience more interactive and lively. Our Owner is showing its abilities in gastronomy since 1988. So we are very proud to offer top quality food in whole of Berlin with best competitive prices.

our abilities are not limited to food. We offer you best homemade mango lassi.

List of allergerns and additives

  • A-Contains cereals containing gluten (wheat)
  • B-Crustaceans and products theoref
  • D-Contains fish and products
  • G-Contins milk or milk products (lactose)
  • H-Contains nuts (almonds ,cashew,nuts ) vegan-no aminamls
      • 1-with preservative
      • 2-with dye
      • 3-with antioxident
      • 4-with sweetener(s)
      • 5-contains phenylalnine source
      • 6-contains caffeine


TUE-FRI 12-16 Uhr

Palak Paneer G

Cream cheese with spinach, garlic and ginger

€ 8,00
Sabzi Vegan

Vegetable curry with fresh vegetables

Dal Tarka Vegan

Various lentils with garlic, ginger and tomatoes

Alu Palak Vegan

Potatoes with spinach, ginger and garlic

Matter Paneer G

Frischer Rahmenkäse mit grünen Erbsen

Sabzi Madras (spicy) H vegan

Fresh vegetables with coconut prepared in a South Indian styl

Malai kofta

Vegetable balls in cream sauce

Chicken Korma

Chicken fillet in mild cream sauce with almonds and cashew nuts

Chicken curry

Chicken fillet in curry sauce

Chicken Sabzi

Chicken fillet with various fresh vegetables

Chicken mango

Chicken in a fruity mango sauce

Lamb curry

Lamb in curry sauce

Lamb Saag

Lamb with spinach, ginger and garlic

Lamb Vildaloo (spicy)

Lamb with potatoes prepared in the South Indian style